The shapes in my work come from everyday moments, like watching birds or afternoon shadows. I use traditional hand fabricated metalsmithing methods to create new minimalist and sculptural jewelry. Materials are silver, 18k gold, neoprene rubber, and the occasional Peruvian opal and Tahitian pearl.

I enjoy making work where the process informs how the shapes turn out. One example is my line of asymmetric paired loops, earrings that start from the same piece of metal, then split apart to make two elements that are not identical but relate to each other through the way they were made. Picture a long strip of linguini being cut lengthwise in a wavy line with each half becoming a looped earring and you will get the idea. Most of my work is made with the same foundational skills I often pass on to beginner metalsmithing students, like piercing and casting. I keep my methods relatively traditional but use them to create pieces that feel minimalist and sculptural.

I happily live and maintain a studio in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley.

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